When I met Dr. Jacques and his staff 6 months ago, I couldn't sit on any kind of upholstered furniture. I read the newspaper standing at my kitchen island, read books lying on my back with my knees over a chair, watched TV lying on my side on my yoga mat. Two years ago I had over-exercised one day which ultimately resulted in a herniated disc, unsuccessful physical therapy, and a couple of epidural steroid injection, none of which provided lasting relief. Then a great friend sent me to Dynamic Chiropractic and good things began to happen. Dr. Jacques recently took the task of preparing me for a trip which involved hours traveling in a car, followed by a long flight and more time in the car. Then day's filled with much walking. I came through this trip beautifully and had a wonderful vacation with my family. It is a tribute to how Dr. Jacques and his staff treat not only the medical condition, but the whole person. I have not encountered this type of total caring anywhere, from the genuine greeting and attention of his staff to Dr. Jacques adjusting his care plan to the next thing I'm facing in my daily life. I wish this kind of care for anyone who hurts. My recommendation is unconditional.